Woophoo.com – Positioning Yourself

Woophoo.comA service that has just surfaced, Woophoo will enable you to generate online tracks and share these using your GPS device. The basic objective of this app is to let anybody track whatever he wishes, either using the browser-based version or a cell phone.

Upon logging in, you can not only share new tracks but also organize and update the ones that you have shared previously. Besides, photos can be easily attached to tracks, so that you can give others a visual representation of the message that you intend to convey.

Technically speaking, data is collected by way of a client that is Java-based. This client runs on the vast majority of cell phones available today which are web-enabled, and that have a built-in GPS receiver.

Forthcoming updates will include social network integration, and also the ability to access tracking data in order to visualize real time traffic information. This will let anybody plan support planning routes right away.

As they say, forewarned is forearmed. The last thing you want if you are travelling somewhere far away from home is losing your bearings. A site like this one is there to ensure that won’t happen to you.

Woophoo.com In Their Own Words

“Organize, map, share your GPS tracks! Generate online tracks through your mobile or upload tracks from your GPS device! You can organize them here, attach photos, see awesome statistics about them and publish them on your blog or website!”

Why Woophoo.com It Might Be A Killer

Disorientation is far too common for many of us. A service like this one addresses that shortcoming.

Some Questions About Woophoo.com

When was this project started? How will it evolve from now? Woophoo.com