Wookah.com – Search engine tool

Wookah.comWookah is a multi-engine search tool which aims to narrow down what you are searching for and help you find better results. The way it works is you enter a search term and then choose a category, such as Websearch, Images, Entertainment, News, Shopping, Reference, or Video.

Then the site performs a search using these guidelines with a major search engine like Google or Yahoo (you can choose this, too). Essentially it’s a way to get different search results if you didn’t find what you wanted the first time you used your preferred search engine.

Wookah.com In Their Own Words

“Wookah is a multisearch of the best sites on the internet to help you find, search, compare, and share the best sites on the internet, all on one website!

It works by allowing you to do one ‘deep search’ across multiple sites in one window (which saves a lot of time if you need to look at lots of results). It is simply a more efficient way of searching the best sites on the internet.

Soon you’ll be able to add your own favourite sites to Wookah and share them with friends.

We are currently in Alpha mode, with new features being added every few days. We welcome feedback and suggestions!”

Why Wookah.com It Might Be A Killer

Wookah is a good bet for searching because it helps you avoid spam sites and it also lets you share your search results easily with others.

Some Questions About Wookah.com

Does Wookah really make a search more efficient or better? Honestly, when I tested it, the results that came up were almost the same ones as the Google search by itself. Wookah.com