Wizzard.tv – For All Your Podcasts

Wizzard.tvAt Wizzard.tv you are able to download all of your favorite podcasts.

Yesterday the company announced that it has raised $7.5 million in equity financing from institutional investors. The company also claims that it had 85 million podcast downloads in May. The site is extremely pleasing to the eye and is a simple as it could possibly be to navigate through. What Wizzard is doing that sets them apart from the other podcasting companies is that Wizzard is bringing advertisers and podcasters together to make it possible for advertisers to narrow into their target market.

Wizzard.tv In Their Own Words

Wizzard Media Advertising is about bringing together great brands with the best shows in podcasting. The combination of top media creators and Wizzards content verification software makes it safe and easy for advertisers to match their message with appropriate content. Partnering with Wizzard means your product or service will reach your targeted audience with the most effective delivery of your message.

Why Wizzard.tv It Might Be A Killer

Podcasting is clearly taking off and will continue to gain momentum. If Wizzard can profit from advertising dollars in podcasting they could be on track to make good money

Some Questions About Wizzard.tv

Can Wizzard keep getting new subscribers with iTunes totally dominating this market?