Wiztr – A Smarter, Easier Way To Book Lessons

What does it take to be a successful coach (other than special knowledge and the talent to share it with students)? The right mobile app.


Wiztr is a simple, free mobile app that makes it easy to book sessions with students and to communicate with parents and students.


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With Wiztr, sessions can be scheduled with just a few taps. Choose a calendar slot, then enter a phone number or an existing contact to reserve that time. It’s that simple. A full schedule is always within easy view, either in calendar or agenda format.


Straightforward notifications let coaches know when they have new bookings or cancellations, so they can stay on top of appointments. Alerts to inquiries also allow them to respond faster – a healthy, proactive tactic for increasing bookings.


Even more so than better organization, it’s the added layers of engagement that Wiztr supports that create tremendous value for coaches. In-app chatting gives parents, students, and coaches improved access to one another. This makes it easy to remind students to bring things to sessions or to practice in between sessions, to inform parents of progress, etc.


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Coaches can also take advantage of Wiztr to follow up on lessons immediately, proposing more bookings or extending special offers – without paying for a service to handle such matters or cutting into session time with scheduling concerns.


“Each year, kids are growing more digital savvy, so coaches have to engage in more digital and mobile-friendly ways to increase both earning opportunities for themselves and learning opportunities for their students,” said Wiztr Founder Bala Gopalan. “With a mobile product like Wiztr, my vision is to extend a trusted coaching engagement to beyond just the scheduled lessons.”


Wiztr is also great for students and parents. Tennis, guitar lessons, swimming instruction… Instead of juggling a variety of lessons separately, it’s simpler to manage different activities all on Wiztr. When content and conversations are transparent, and kept in one convenient place, it’s easier for everyone to stay involved.


Students and parents appreciate uncomplicated scheduling and session tracking as much as coaches do, if not more.




Parents can mange the entire family’s activities on Wiztr. Perhaps more importantly, because Wiztr gives parents a larger window into their child’s pursuits and greater access to instructors, they get feel more directly involved in their child’s development, not merely the chauffeur.


Eager to boost your private coaching services to the next level? Looking to better connect with coaches? Wiztr is currently available for download in the App Store. To learn more about the app or receive notice when the Android version is released, visit the website wiztr.com.


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