Wize.com – Search engine that ranks products

The way things stand today, you can find reviews for almost any product that money can buy on the Internet. The problem is, how do you know which ones to read and trust? How do you know which ones are genuine, and which ones have been penned by a PR man under a different name? Easy. You can use a site like Wize in order to have everything filtered and summarized.

Wize.com is an aggregator of reviews that can not only bring together all that’s said about these products you want to buy online, but also report back on which are best and worse. Wize can read everything for you, and tell you about which products are getting the best ratings and comments in a snap.

Wize can do that with five main product categories: “Electronics”, “Home & Garden”, “Health & Beauty”, “Computers & Office” and “Video Games”. And there’s also a “More Products” category where items like watches and hand tools are analyzed, along with jewelry and lots of different personal accessories.

As it is only suitable, the homepage includes all these products that are more popular with the buying public. This makes it easy for you to find not only items that you might enjoy owning yourself, but that would also make for great birthday and anniversary presents.