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Are Your Company’s Ideas And Communications Safe From Hackers?

These days, you don’t have to be a remote team to use a collaboration platform. One of the companies I work with has most of their staff in-house and yet their main form of communication is through an online platform. They share everything from random cool stuff they found online to concerns about parts of the site to congratulations on new sales.



The water cooler of 2015 is undeniably the collaboration platform.


However, just like hanging out around the water cooler or the coffee station, a lot of the platforms that companies are using today aren’t especially secure. While you wouldn’t discuss company secrets and trade information out loud in a public venue, people have no problem talking about that stuff on platforms that are vulnerable to hacker attacks.


Witkit is the collaboration platform that’s out to change all of that.





On top of the usual features that you’d find in a collaboration platform – file storage, task management, shared documents, communication and collaboration tools – Witkit offers the most secure encryption of any platform out there.


Messages are encrypted before they leave the sending user’s device and can only be decrypted by the person who was designated to receive it and even then only with their personal passphrase. No data is stored on the Witkit servers – not even the passphrases – which means that any hackers or industry spies who are trying to jack your ideas are out of luck!


Witkit already has some industry heavy-hitters on their roster, including Facebook, Accenture, Groupon, and Zendesk. After three years in development and $5 million in funding, Witkit is ready to launch their product out into the general public.


Witkit also lets users create “kits” (collaborations) not only with their internal team but also with outside clients, organizations, or collaborators. Want to video chat? No problem. Witkit will set it up with one click.


Communicate with any device, to anyone, securely and because the data is always encrypted, you can rest assured that the confidential information will stay confidential, no matter who you’re communicating with.


(Unless the person you’re communicating with just has a big mouth. Unfortunately, that’s not a problem technology has figured out how to solve yet.)


If you think your company’s current collaboration platform could potentially have some dangerous holes in it, check out and sign up to be a Witkit pioneer today. There’s no reason your company’s data should and communications should be vulnerable to outside attacks.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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