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Without Data, You’re Lost – Track Prospects Better With Pointed Compass

In the wilderness, how you spend your energy can be the difference between life and death. Wasting fuel is inexcusable. Lose sight of where you’re going or what you need to do to stay healthy, and you’re a goner.



It’s not so different in the online business world. Don’t let the coziness of that home office fool you. If you squander your resources chasing after weak prospects, you’re not going to last long. Competition is fierce. Best have a compass that keeps the needle pointing in the right direction.



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Pointed Compass keeps business owners on the right path. It’s a web-based sales engagement platform that allows users to pursue the most promising leads.


With Pointed Compass, you can quickly create custom sales presentations for prospective clients. After sending introductory information, you immediately begin to sort out the best leads from the dead ends with instant reports.


Real-time reports reveal who’s viewed your materials, how long they have engaged with your content, and what content proved most engaging. This data allows you to identify the most likely sales candidates as well as to assess the effectiveness of your sales materials. Such insights let you refine your presentation so that it wins more business.


Trying to follow leads without the use of data is the same as venturing into the woods blindfolded. Why would you put yourself at such a disadvantage when software qualifies leads so fast and easily?


Pointed Compass ensures you move forward with clear vision. Find high-quality sales prospects with minimal effort and save yourself loads of time by focusing energy on legitimate leads. Work smarter, not harder, as the saying goes, right?


Terrible things happen when people veer of course outdoors – they freeze and starve to death, they get chomped on by opportunistic animals. Not pretty. Staying on the trail from the beginning is the simplest way to avoid such disasters.


Are you prepared for your business journey? Establish your bearings early on. Know which prospects are worth tracking automatically by using Pointed Compass. Let straightforward analytics and real-time reporting guide you toward business success.


Fancier tools promise the moon and the stars, when bootstrapping entrepreneurs pride themselves on doing things on their own, using lean models. All they really need is to know is that they’re not on the wrong trail. All they need is a compass. Request an invite to gear up with Pointed Compass at


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