Within3.com – Forging Ties within the Health Community

Within3.comWithin3 is a health science network spanning the globe; it aims to provide health care providers, scientists and organizations with a collaborative platform through which they can exchange and discuss research, ideas, and methodology. The setup resembles a combination of book marking, social search, and Q&A.

Content is organized into channels, set up by individual members or organizations. As a new comer, you can choose to subscribe to a pre-existing channel, or create a new one. You may also invite your colleagues to join in as well. Users have access to information filter tools which can be used for referencing and evaluating medical journals and pertinent databases. Other features include private messaging, profiles, and people search.

Within3.com In Their Own Words

“Within3 is a health technology company, founded by social scientists, whose mission is to help organizations and health-science professionals forge stronger relationships to fight and prevent disease.

Connecting professionals to the trusted colleagues and organizations around them,
Within3 works with health-science organizations to create powerful interdisciplinary, stand-alone, or multi-center communities with the goal of accelerating research and improving patient outcomes.

Best of all, it’s FREE to individuals. Forever.”

Why Within3.com It Might Be A Killer

Within3 provides the medical community with tools to collaborate and exchange ideas—for free. This format easily facilitates the free flow of concepts and the development of new solutions. Reclusive lab rats and busy researchers will be able to share their knowledge without having to leave the comfort of their own desk. Within3 connects a whole globe—whereas new ideas previously would take months or years to reach one sector of the world to another—now they may be amassed and communicated within seconds.

Some Questions About Within3.com

How is Within3 funded? How are they insuring that communication is open, yet protected? How will they get a critical mass to start participating? Within3.com