With Topic, you can write better content, faster.

Ah, to make the triumphant climb to the top of Google search results. It’s every content marketer’s Holy Grail and the dream of every company that needs a strong online presence (i.e., basically all of them). But getting there is also often the bane of every marketer’s existence. 

Between identifying customer search intent, performing keyword research, and reading and comparing top-ranking articles, creating truly compelling and effective SEO content used to be a tremendously time-consuming and manual process.

That is, until Topic. 

Think of Topic as your own personal AI-powered writing assistant, designed to help content teams save time researching, optimize their content, and turbocharge organic traffic. 

Seasoned marketers know that it’s not enough to just write great content. It also has to match what the audience is searching for and wants to read. That’s why Topic uses real-time search data and natural language processing to deliver helpful recommendations so you can do just that. 

Since launching in 2019, Topic has produced impressive results for notable clients that include Credit Karma, wikiHow, Qualaroo, Filestack, and more. After optimizing a piece of content using Topic, Qualaroo increased clicks from organic search by 540 per month — which would have cost the company $15K/year to pay for this same traffic on AdWords. Meanwhile, using Topic, Filestack increased their organic traffic by 300%. 

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Natural Language Processing — Topic’s NLP technology analyzes the top performing organic content on search engines for any given subject and surfaces semantically-related topics. 
  • Article Outlines — Topic gives you an at-a-glance overview of how others are explaining your same topic, saving you tons of time poring over outside content so you can focus on putting a fresh spin on it. 
  • Content Grader — Simply copy and paste your draft and Topic’s Content Grader will tell you what your draft is missing, how your content stacks up against the competition, and offer helpful tips about how to improve it. 
  • Source Finder — Instead of spending time tracking down source material for your content, Topic finds reputable articles for you that your content can link to. 
  • Make a Bigger Impact — When you produce higher-quality content, it leads to more traffic and greater ROI on your content marketing efforts. Topic makes it easy with clear guidance on how to write content that outranks your competitors. 
  • Keep Your Content Library Fresh — Update your existing content with Topic to keep it performing at its best. 

If you’re in the content marketing space and looking for a tool that’s going to make your life easier, Topic may be right up your alley. Check out their site, see what others are saying, and get started today.