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Meet People To Share Travels Before Going Anywhere, With Karry

Though people who travel are typically more open and happy to meet other people, that doesn’t mean that all travelers find it easy to connect. Travelers are in motion, after all, with things to do and places to see – traversing the globe on different schedules and at different rhythms. Even if people who would naturally hit it off do find themselves in the same location, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually meet.


At least that was the case before Karry.


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Karry is a social travel app that puts people in touch before they travel. This mobile app gives people a chance to find others who share travel plans and to chat in advance, so they can decide if they’d like to spend time together.


All it takes to discover potential rendezvous is entering in where and when you plan to travel, and the app shows you other Karryiers who have similar plans. Profiles, or passports, give Karryiers a sense of what the other person is like. You can then chat in-app to learn more or go ahead and make arrangements to meet.


By connecting with the travel community in advance, travelers maximize travel time by spending it with people they’ve already determined they want to share experiences with – nothing worse than suffering bad company and desperately plotting how to escape when time is limited.


Karry helps travelers meet regardless if they have a week of overlapping time at a destination or if they have just a long layover coinciding. Even if you love reading or have work to do, layovers tend to drag on terribly. Passing the time with someone you find on Karry is an easy way to spice up boring waits.


By setting status to “home,” locals make themselves available as contacts for those who are visiting. This is a chance to escape everyday routines by meeting new people and to share the excitement of travel when you can’t break away yourself.


As fun as it is to bump into people randomly, isn’t it more rewarding to make the most of time with interesting people? Just think of all the like-minded people who’ve been traveling along without bumping into each other. What a pity.


Maybe you need an art lover to tour museums with you? Maybe you’d also like to explore romantic potential as you wander an unfamiliar city?  Hey, maybe you could use an uncomplicated dalliance added to the travel itinerary. The great thing about Karry is that it doesn’t have any agenda of its own other than to help travelers start socializing and to make their journeys more satisfying.


Why should the people you’d be happy to meet remain strangers? Try bumping into them before you travel with Karry (available on IOS with an Android version coming soon).


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Author : Roger Hollings

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