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Wishtree.orgDoes wishing on a shooting star seem too old fashioned for you? Are you going broke from throwing all your loose change into a fountain? Wish Tree may be what you need. Wish Tree brings wish making to the digital age by allowing people to join the site and post their wishes on the site.


Personal wishes are then displayed on the Wish Tree homepage and are broken into categories including Life, Love, Travel, and many others while other members have the opportunity to comment on other people’s wishes. You create a brief profile after joining the site and you can keep track of your wishes and report on whether or not they have come true. You can even change to background color of Wish Tree in order to match it to your mood. In Their Own Words

“When I fell in love a girl I hoped to live with her and take good care of her.So I planted this Wish Tree. At present we are living together and enjoying everyday. I hope people who have wishes can record what they want in some place. Any wish that you make is part of the wishes of the human race.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There’s not much to Wish Tree, but that’s what makes it interesting. It’s easy to make a wish and hope for the best. Wish Tree could help bring a bit of superstition to the internet. Perhaps the site could also provide some resources with some answers about what it is people are wishing for (personal goals, relationships, etc.).

Some Questions About

Will members stop using Wish Tree if none of their wishes come true?

Author : Jason Taylor

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