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Wisdomap.comIt is an accepted fact that some people learn better and retain more information when they can view the concepts being studied in mind maps. WisdomMap allows anyone to create great visually appealing mind maps for better retention of information while also adding in an article section, where more in-depth information can be placed, and a resources area where relevant videos images, files and websites can be attached as well.


The end product is an uncluttered mind map in a one-pager format that will help people absorb more information and learn more effectively. Basic accounts, which allow you to make up to three WisdomMaps are free with registration, while an unlimited package will run you about $2 per month. In Their Own Words

“Wisdomap organises information and thought processes and stores them in a visual, memorable and convenient format, while managing media and resources like videos, pictures, websites and files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mindmaps are a great way of learning but they can often become too cluttered and difficult to follow. WisdomMap solves this by allowing you to organize different information in different sections of the page making the end product cleaner and more effective.

Some Questions About

Perhaps the only issue is that by incorporating video into the equation, people will not be able to print off the maps and make full use of them. This might sound old-fashioned but the majority of people probably still like to study with pen and paper…at least part of the time.

Author : Caroline Bright

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