– A New Speed Dating Platform

WinkVid.comWinkVid is an online speed dating system that takes advantage of the video broadcasting capabilities of the Internet, and also of the popularity of services for meeting random strangers such as ChatRoulette.

Before you get all revved up by the idea, you must know that (for the time being) this service is only available to those who are located in Chicago.

If you are not, that is not reason to stop reading – chances are it will come to where you live before too long.

The obvious question we have to ask ourselves is in which ways this is better than a face-to-face in a bar. The answers will differ greatly, obviously. People who might not be that confident in an entirely live setting might find something like WinkVid appealing – it is “live”, but it offers them the necessary distance to loosen up as much as they might require.

On the other hand, I am sure that many find the concept unpractical, claiming that the immediacy of speed dating is one of its big pluses. Personally, I am with the first group – but that must be because I have always been too shy. And if you are unsure where this service stands for you, just try it in person. You never know, the results might be surprising. In Their Own Words

“Speed dating for Chicago singles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are a bit shy will prefer this over its face-to-face counterpart.

Some Questions About

When is this coming to other cities?