– Abstract Art At Your Fingers is an art application that allows anyone to be an abstract artist. Even if your best work of art was a stick figure drawing from first grade you can still use Viscosity and create an attractive piece.

Viscosity has 200 dots which you can manipulate, The dotes are connected and filled in with color which happens thirty times each second. You can move the dots and since they are changing it looks like it is animated. There are tools you can use to change the outcome such as color. The fun of Viscosity is in the production phase not in the end result. If you want to see some examples you can go to the watch section and see how creative people are and what they have made. You can also browse through the recently made and most popular pieces. Some of the pieces are very impressive such as a Che Guevara piece. Each piece can be ranked. Discover the artist in you by visiting Viscosity, you might be surprised at what you can make maybe your piece will be one of the most popular. In Their Own Words

“Viscosity was created because it’s beautiful, relaxing, and turns anyone into an abstract artist.

When I first created the prototype for viscosity, I became totally engrossed. I’d find myself wasting time at work with it (sorry Martijn), and it would often catch the eye of people walking by in my hallway. I thought if my co-workers found it so compelling, the rest of the world would probably enjoy it too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Viscosity has a cool artistically simple interface that makes a statement. The project is well explained and there are many example that help new users understand how to use the application. It is nice that people can choose to stay anyonomous if they are not confident in their pieces or if they prefer privacy. Viscosity gives people the ability to be creative and have fun.

Some Questions About

Viscosity is very creative, but it might not appeal to many people who would prefer to use simple art applications of photoshop. Viscosity could include general information on abstract art.