Win Back Your E-commerce Revenue Automatically With ChargeSentry

While the chargeback process was originally designed to offer consumers protection against merchant fraud or abuse, it’s now increasingly common for consumers to take advantage of the chargeback process, leading to billions in lost revenues for merchants. 

In fact, each chargeback costs merchants an average of anywhere between $20 and $100 in fees. For excessive chargebacks, merchants can be subject to fines of as much as $10,000 and even risk the termination of their account, regardless of whether the chargeback was legitimate. 

Given how costly chargebacks can be, e-commerce merchants must spend ample time and resources managing and fighting them. Unfortunately, existing chargeback services don’t help much. They’re expensive and often require long contracts and lengthy integration processes, and even then, the merchant must still remain vigilant as most chargeback services don’t offer fully-automated management. While this may not be a problem for large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses are often overlooked, shouldering the bulk of the burden. 

That’s where ChargeSentry comes in: ChargeSentry offers budget-minded monthly pricing, no integration and enriched automated chargeback responses to win your money back for you automatically. That means no more endless chargeback response battles or revenue losses. Plus, if they don’t win you the price of your subscription, you get your money back. ChargeSentry eliminates the friction of responding to chargebacks while protecting and winning back your revenues, guaranteed.

ChargeSentry makes it easy for e-commerce merchants to win chargebacks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up: No need to wait on a salesperson, negotiate a contract or wade through a lengthy start-up process. ChargeSentry starts responding to your chargebacks within minutes of your signup.
  2. Connect your merchant account: ChargeSentry will connect to your payment processor and automatically gather all the necessary details to respond to your chargebacks in a PCI-compliant manner, using bank-grade security. They work with Stripe, PayPal, Shopify and others.
  3. Enrich your chargeback response: With AI technology, ChargeSentry goes to work by collecting additional data about your customer and the transaction to provide the bank in-depth, fact-based evidence to help you win your chargebacks.
  4. Tailor your response: Automatically review and cross-reference hundreds of data points to identify the ideal chargeback response format, details to supply and more to give you the best chance of winning your chargebacks.
  5. Scale effortlessly: Whether you get 1 chargeback a month or 1,000, your effort remains the same. ChargeSentry’s fully-automated approach guarantees no extra effort while remaining up-to-date on chargeback compliance.

ChargeSentry comes with plenty more features to put your chargeback responses on autopilot, including automatic support ticket sync, common customer alerts, manual evidence uploading and more. With simple month-to-month pricing starting at just a few dollars a day, ChargeSentry quickly pays for itself, saving you time and money while freeing up valuable resources for your growing business. 

Interested? ChargeSentry is helping e-commerce merchants around the world respond to their chargebacks and reclaim revenues. Visit to learn more and get started for free.

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