WiLife Video Security Systems

WiLife Video Security SystemsWiLife offers an easy video surveillance solution that runs on a PC and networks with up to six cameras over the electrical wires. The software lets you find recorded videos easily, view your cameras over the internet and get cell phone or email alerts when you cameras detect motion.

WiLife Video Security Systems In Their Own Words

WiLife Video Security is an easy and affordable PC surveillance system for your home or small business.

When the Command Center Software has been installed and the security cameras have been plugged into nearby outlets, the video streams over the existing electrical wiring straight to your PC.

The WiLife Video Security System does not require dedicated cabling or complex wireless network configurations. Just plug in and use.

This superior system has been recognized by the electronics industry for its innovation.

Why WiLife Video Security Systems It Might Be A Killer

No one else offers anything like it. The system takes about 15 minutes to setup and you get cool features that are only found in the high end video surveillance systems WiLife Video Security Systems