Free rhyming dictionary in the form of a wiki (like wikipedia); user-editable and user-friendly. Also, a poet and songwriter’s social networking site with tools for poets and songwriters and forums to discuss activities and projects.

Why It Might Be A Killer

1) WikiRhymer is the first user-friendly rhyming dictionary wiki

2) The only online rhyming resource we know of that has an OpenSearch widget that users can embed in their browser in order to find rhymes directly from their browser.

3) All kinds of rhymes handled: “pure” rhymes, “end” rhymes, and “near” rhymes.

4) Users can become members and have their own WikiRhymer home page and post their poems, lyrics, songs, bios.

5) Particularly strong list of rhyming phrases–some 10,000.

6) Around 100,000 rhymes in all.

7) As WikiRhymer is a user-editable wiki, over time, it’s set of rhymes will far exceed that of all competitors.

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