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Wikinvest.comWikinvest is a wiki for the investment community supported by user generated content concerning the ever-changing understanding of all the diverse facets of investing. Wiki truly covers all areas of interest, from iPhones to Renewable Energy and Private Equity’s Impact.


You can sign up or submit anonymous content, or vote depending on whether you’re feeling “bullish” or “bearish.” The bonus for signing up is that you have the opportunity to rise in the ranks of investment analysts depending on how active you are in the community. Though this is not a social network per se, you can build a profile page and bookmark other analysts pages, as well as send private messages within the community.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is truly among the ranks of useful wikis, with particular interest for Killer Startups fans. If you are reading our site, chances are you want to be apart of the hype and exploration of up and coming companies, new technologies currently being deployed in the market, and general discussions concerning investment strategies. What a great companion to your existing business social network, and a great addition to the myriad of web tools you can use to be apart of the living debate regarding investments.

Some Questions About

How could they expand their service to create a more comprehensive environment for social investors? Could they tack on other business and social networking tools, creating contacts in steaad of just bookmarking options?

Author : Irene Davids

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