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Wikibon.orgThis is a community site which is made up of professionals working together to solve business and technology problems, through an open source sharing of free knowledge and advice.

The website can be searched in the way that such resources can usually be searched, and it is possible to publish and read hints and tips as well as having ready access to project tools.

Moreover, it is possible to inform oneself on best practices as well as collaborating with colleagues and peers that make up his personal group. Eventually, the site will also include a full collection of case studies that will give any person just starting out a better understanding of the way the market operates.

Resources such as this one always have a great potential, if only because they make for putting collective intelligence to the best possible use, and creating a system of collaboration which benefits all its members.

As a conclusion, this web-based resource stands as a true technology research and advisory organization where practitioners, technologists and consultants can share insight and arrive at better-informed conclusions. Consider paying it a visit if you are faced with technology investment decisions and you could use a helping hand. In Their Own Words

“Wikibon is a worldwide community of practitioners, technologists and consultants dedicated to improving the adoption of technology and business systems through an open source sharing of free advisory knowledge. By combining Web 2.0 technology, global expertise and action-oriented content, Wikibon has become the Web’s first technology research and advisory organization where peers help each other make better technology investment decisions and share best practices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized community that stands as a true point of reference for professionals and technologists spanning the world over, where open access and freedom makes for innovation and the realization of ideas.

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What are the requisites for joining the site? Must you furnish any specific information to prove who you are?