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Wiiff.comWiiff stands a social networking site, blogging platform and gaming clan destination for Nintendo Wii adepts.


It is quite curious, but it is a plain fact: even when the Nintendo Wii is a wildly popular console gaming platform, its potential for social gaming remains untapped.

The system for befriending others necessitates using a complex code of 16 characters. Well, a social site like Wiiff simplifies the process considerably by matching users based on similar interests, and letting them socialize from that point onwards as they would on other networking sites.

They can create and customize their profiles, message each other out, share media… Moreover, users are enabled to create their own blogs and discuss whatever they want in them. And the social gaming features of Wiiff are better-represented by the provided shoutbox that lets users challenge each other and compete for points.

The site has already amassed an active (and loyal) following, as evidenced by the main page. You can see the daily champion, the most recent blogs and the latest clan activity at a glance. If you decide to join Wiiff (something that is free, by the way) you are sure to have something engaging to do at the site. In Their Own Words

“Wii friends forever!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A network that revolves around a console gaming platform as popular as the Wii can’t go wrong.

Some Questions About

How long does it take for an account to be created?

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