Wigadoo.com – Sort Out the Money for Social Events

Wigadoo.comNothing can put a damper on an outing with friends quite like figuring out the bill can. Enter Wigadoo.

com. This site is a tool that helps groups of friends coordinate social events, and figure out the splitting of payments beforehand. Users kick off the process by first proposing an event to their friends using online communication through the site. Once invitees have committed to the event, they make a payment pledge, hence agreeing to pay the set price. From there, the users simply collect the money, and off they go on their group excursion. Wigadoo also offers additional special features to simplify the event coordination process, such as date voting, which allows group members to vote on the day and time that an event will be held.

Wigadoo.com In Their Own Words

“Making plans with friends? Sort out the money with Wigadoo. We make it incredibly easy for everyone to agree to a plan and then commit to paying so you’re not stuck with the bill. With planning an event made this simple, you can do more, with more friends, more often.”

Why Wigadoo.com It Might Be A Killer

Wigadoo is a great tool that can save groups of friends a lot of hassle and hard feelings. The additional tools further assist with all-around event planning. It is flexible as well, as it can be used for events of any size.

Some Questions About Wigadoo.com

Can this site join with any social networks to reach existing groups of friends? What methods of payment can be linked to the site to instantly complete the process? Wigadoo.com