Widgets by Criteo: recommendation engine for blogs

Criteo is a startup selling its recommendation engine service to e-commerce website and content portals. It increases their revenues and page views.

Now Criteo uses its recommendation engine to give to bloggers some widgets to increase their traffic and earnings.
Autoroll widget by Criteo is an automatic blogroll that displays links to blogs your readers will like. The Criteo’s recommendation engine discovers the most similar blogs based on your visitor’s browsing history and feeds Autoroll with this blogs.

Widgets by Criteo: recommendation engine for blogs In Their Own Words

Autoroll widget by Criteo gives you the opportunity to:
– Discover the most similar blogs
– Have your blog promoted for free on highly qualified blogs
– Increase your visibility
– Display links & content your readers will like
– Get detailed stats

Why Widgets by Criteo: recommendation engine for blogs It Might Be A Killer

Web 2.0 gave to internet users millions of blogs, and it is more and more difficult to find the right information, the one that we will be interested in. Criteo and its collaborative filtering technology helps us to find this interesting information among the millions of blogs. It could be a sort of web 2.5, a tool to filter the web 2.0, to facilitate acces to the web 2.0

Some Questions About Widgets by Criteo: recommendation engine for blogs

What will be the future widgets by Criteo ? How will they use their recommendation engine for bloggers ?


Criteo will soon launch another widget, CriteoAds. This widget, still using the Criteo’s recommendation engine, displays the most relevant ads to your audience, maximizing your revenues.