search cancel – Increase URL Length to Enhance Impact is a web tool in which users enter any URL into the search field, and instantly they receive an expanded URL.


That expanded URL still directs visitors to the same site. The lengthening of the URL enhances the impact of the site. The concept is that the URL cannot be ignored, as it is curiously long. The expansion is created by adding hyphenated words to the initial URL. Characters are added, but the direction of that first URL is not actually changed. Furthermore, site users have the option to visit, which acts inversely to the, as it turns long URL links into shortened addresses. Like the expanded URL addresses, these shortened links differ only in characters, not in the direction of the URL. In Their Own Words

“Are the tiny URLs that you send to your friends and colleagues missing the visual significance that you’d like to associate with your messages? Then you’ve come to the right place. By entering a URL into the text field below, you can create a wide URL that creates visual impact and is difficult to overlook.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is simple, basic, and fun to use. Although the site is not practical or useful to all visitors, those users that find value in the site will find it useful and entertaining. If the correct user market is identified, the site has potential to do well with that niche.

Some Questions About

How may identify a target audience? How may that audience be reached? Could any complimentary concepts be added to the site to increase the value for users?

Author : Bill Webb

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