WidePR.com – Submitting & Promoting Press Releases

WidePR.comSimply put, WidePR is a site where press releases are distributed and promoted. Is your company finally launching that application that took it the best part of two years to be ready, and you want to ensure that the launch is having all the exposure that it could have? Well, that is what a site like this one is here for.

Just create your own free account in order to begin promoting what you are launching, in the best possible way.

WidePR’s database is split in two main categories: “Companies Directory” and “Agencies Directory”. Both can be searched for free, without any kind of restriction.

And note that if you run your own agency and you have quite a handful of clients already, you will be able to use WidePR in order to manage all their different press releases at the very same time.

In final place, it is important to mention that comprehensive information and guidance on how to write a good press release is provided. In that sense, the site covers both angles of the process: the distribution of the press release, and its very inception.

WidePR.com In Their Own Words

“Free press release distribution.”

Why WidePR.com It Might Be A Killer

By bringing so many resources and information together, it simplifies the process in which press releases are created and (specially) distributed to no end.

Some Questions About WidePR.com

How many sites that play a comparable role are there? Which is better? WidePR.com