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Wibba.comWibba is a site that will let you discover new, cool products and then proceed to share these finds. This is done by following both you friends and other people who seem to be well-informed – everybody posts what he has recently found and liked, so that his followers can know about it and learn more about these products on their own.


This site, then, is a social resource for the discovery of new products. It is clearly more restricted in terms of interactions than a site like Facebook, but that’s the idea all along – letting you know more about cool products to buy only. Of course, you couldn’t find a better time to release a site such as this one if you tried.

On a personal note, I think that letting users geolocate themselves should now top the list of priorities for the next update – that is the logical step in the evolution of any current social service. And a site where stuff to buy is recommended just calls out for such a feature anyway. In Their Own Words

“Wibba makes it quick and easy to discover and share cool products online and offline.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It sure is faster than browsing from store to store comparing products manually. And you are getting recommendations from friends (IE, those you can trust) and people in the know.

Some Questions About

Will users ever be able to geolocalize themselves?

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