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Whynotad.comClaiming that the original idea for this site stemmed from finding it difficult to place ads on the internet without using multiple sites, the Whynotad team having built another site for uploading all of your ads. The site is a well designed portal that allows you to upload any of your ads for free without any restrictions.


The benefit to using Whynotad over the majority of other portals is that their design optimizes search relevance thereby increasing your page traffic and revenue. Due to the programming of the portal, people searching for specific words on Google will have your site come up faster since all of their ads are programmed to be direct hits the major search engines. So, if you want to get noticed faster, place a free ad on Whynotad. In Their Own Words

“whynotAd is a Web 2.0 Free Ad, Advertising and Classifieds Ad Portal. We found it difficult to place what we wanted on the Internet, having to use many different sites for the same purpose and being restricted on what, how and when we could do it, and so we created the whynotAD Ad Portal.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is well designed and easy to upload any type of ad imaginable. If their programming is as good as they say it is, this could become a popular tool for those looking to get noticed.

Some Questions About

How well will their algorithm perform if they begin to receive a significant increase in traffic? Will sponsorship and third party ads on their site be enough to monetize this solution?

Author : Caroline Bright

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