Why We Need More Solopreneurs

need more solopreneurs

Why don’t more people start businesses for themselves? We’re experiencing a slight uptick in new entrepreneurship, but the share of new entrepreneurs per 100,000 U.S. adults is still 0.36 percent. If we separate solopreneurs from other entrepreneurs, the numbers are even more disappointing. The truth is, we need more solopreneurs in our society.

Having more solopreneurs is good not only for the individuals starting those independent businesses but also for the families, cities, and communities that surround those businesses. Why is this the case and what actionable steps can we take to support more solopreneurs in our culture?

The Personal Benefits of Solopreneurship

To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with working for someone else – especially if it helps you on your entrepreneurial journey. But the personal benefits of solopreneurship are hard to ignore.

The Value of Solopreneurs for Society

So what about the benefits of solopreneurs for society?

What Can We Do to Support More Solopreneurs?

Now for the actionable takeaways.

What can we do to support more solopreneurs?

Final Thoughts

We can’t normalize solopreneurship overnight, nor can we expect a handful of conversations from a single person to result in a nationwide business cultural overhaul. But little steps do make a difference. And if we can gradually ratchet up the solopreneurship rate even slightly, our efforts will be worth it. Not only for the new entrepreneurs but for society and the economy at large as well.

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