Why Paul Wahl Chose To Head A Small Startup

When someone with Paul Wahl’s background takes the CEO position for a small startup you have to scratch your head and ask, what gives? Upon further examination you will find that he is one of the seed investors and board member at Causata .

The conflict of interest aside the company has to have something that he sees worth his very valuable time and the potential for growth while it is still in its infancy.

Paul Wahl

With more than 30 years of experience in the enterprise software community Paul Wahl has improved the performance of large companies to record levels in his tenure. While he was at Sieble Systems he grew revenues from $360 million to more than $2 billion and it was subsequently acquired by Oracle . As CEO of SAP America the eight years he commanded the company resulted in a 500 percent increase in revenues to more than $2.5 billion. If he is willing to sacrifice the time it takes to run a startup at this stage in his career he must have a lot of confidence in the software technology Causata is developing.


Causata was founded in 2009 as a startup intent on delivering digital behavioral data in a scalable way to give companies the ability to make better decisions. They have received $10 million funding led by Accel Partners which has Mr. Wahl as CEO-in-residence as of March 2012. Data is a very powerful asset for any business and Causata makes it more valuable by injecting real time intelligence into any system. The software is deployed quickly and easily to produce measureable and actionable insight with immediate benefits.



A new product is created with a particular market in mind and Causata believes their product can be used across many different industries effectively.

  • Financial Services – banks, investment management and brokers
  • Retail – premium brand and specialty stores as well as big box retailers
  • Technology – software and consumer electronics with online commerce and services
  • Travel – fields related to tourism and hospitality industry
  • Telecom and media – mobile and fixed line telecoms and online publishing media outlets with traditional outlets looking to optimize their presence

Causata believes it can improve the way a company handles their information as long as it is part of a computerized system.


Causata’s expertise is based in bringing value with software technology and automation. The old approach of hiring an entire consulting firm or experts is rapidly giving way to efficient and reliable software that can perform the task in real time with real time results. After an initial evaluation of understanding your organization Causata will start the project only if it will pay for it self at most within a few months. 


In order to determine the success of a performance it has to be measured and Causata works by measuring the desired outcome of their effort without any ambiguity. This requires a partnership with the client to deliver a solution based on a plan for success both parties can agree on. The Client Services and Engineering Services personnel are very experienced providing service to companies such as Intuit. 

When an experienced and respected CEO takes the helm of a startup, you have to take notice because generally there is a huge potential upside.

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