WhozIn.com – Earn Pennies for Your Emails

WhozIn.comCare to make some extra cash for doing nothing more than reading your own emails? It’s an alluring prospect, isn’t it? Whozin can make it happen. Basically, you’ll get a Whozin email account once you register.

For each and every email that you read from your Whozin inbox you’ll receive a penny. Obviously, it’s not a huge amount, but those pennies can add up. Think about it, a hundred read emails equals a whole dollar. One U.S. dollar (unfortunately, they don’t pay in Euros). Whozin comes with total antivirus protection—they use Kaspersky Lab to scan your attachments—and they’ve got spam filters too, so your inbox won’t be over flooded by junk mail. A few caveats though: Whozin requires you to fill out a rather long, and privacy invading information form in order to get to use their service, they also collect your information to pass on to their partner sites, and they automatically receive and record information from your browser including your IP address, Whozin cookie info and the page you request.

WhozIn.com In Their Own Words

“The Whozin Email Program is unique! Whozin pays you to read your own emails. No SPAM, no ads just your own emails.
We will share our profits with you. For every email that you read in Whozin Mail, we will pay you ¢0,1.
Let’s change history together today!”

Why WhozIn.com It Might Be A Killer

If you like making money for doing practically nothing, Whozin is the way to go. Once you join, you’ll be raking in small amounts of cash and you’ll get nice targeted ads thrown your way.

Some Questions About WhozIn.com

Who in their right mind would sign up for Whozin? It’s not worth the money and it’s definitely not worth the privacy invasion. Lines like this ‘Whozin may set and access Whozin cookies on your computer. Whozin lets other companies that show advertisements on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer, and this For some financial products and services we might also ask for your address, Social Security number, and information about your assets. When you register with Whozin and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us, are enough to make one grimace. Sounds fishy, to say the least. WhozIn.com