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WhoWentViral.comDo you often feel yourself wondering if there is a quick way to find out if a video has gone truly viral? If you do, then this site is going to be a valuable resource for you. As its name indicates, it will let you know exactly which videos have gone viral since the last time you checked it, and present the results to you in an entirely personalized way.


That is, you will be capable of customizing the site so extensively that you are getting exactly what you want and nothing else. You will be able to set down: 1) The country the video has originated from; 2) The criteria for assessing its popularity (IE, “Most viewed”, “Most favorited”, “Most commented”…); 3) The genre (“Comedy”, “Music”, “Travel”, “People”…); and 4) The time the video was uploaded (“Today”, This week”, “This month” and “All Time”).

As you can see, the chances of you coming across irrelevant content when you visit this site are kept pretty low. A clear effort has been made to provide users a highly-focused experience, and I frankly think it has yielded very good results. In Their Own Words

“Who went viral is a unique idea to bring you top videos of the day. The website gets updated everytime you visit. Simply use the navigation on the right to select if you want to watch funny viral videos, viral music videos or simply watch internet’s most viewed videos. We search thousands of videos everyday so you dont have to.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you approach the world of viral videos in a more refined way, by enabling you to see just these clips that you will feel naturally compelled to watch.

Some Questions About

Is there a button for sharing what you are seeing with others right away?

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