WhoDoYouKnowAt.com – A New Professional Network

WhoDoYouKnowAt.comWho Do You Know At can be termed a networking site for those who are looking into furthering their careers and making the contacts that could effectively redound to a positional development. The focus of this site is on providing users with relevant contacts only, and in this way overcome the limitations that many claim are besetting a site like LinkedIn, where it is difficult to interact with people because there is so much noise in there.

As a result, Who Do You Know At will let users exert control over their profiles much in the same vein that Facebook users do, by limiting the visibility of certain components and setting down who sees what. In practice, this means different levels of access are instrumented, and people who are not supposed to chirp into any conversation which is not incumbent to them are kept well clear of the picture.

Basic membership comes free of charge. Paid accounts do also exist, and you can upgrade anytime. Creating a profile entails providing the type of information you can imagine such as personal and professional data, and a great emphasis is placed on the security and privacy of the information which is thus set down.

WhoDoYouKnowAt.com In Their Own Words

“WhoDoYouKnowAt helps you leverage your relationships for personal, business or civic gain with a private networking application you completely control.”

Why WhoDoYouKnowAt.com It Might Be A Killer

The idea of having several levels of privacy is an excellent feature as it makes it even possible to remain 100 % anonymous if that is what the user wishes.

Some Questions About WhoDoYouKnowAt.com

In which ways is the basic plan limited? What are the main differences with those plans that are paid? WhoDoYouKnowAt.com