Who ISN’T Ready To Work From Home?? Let Talentboard Help

Today’s Killer Startup: Talentboard




Elevator Pitch:

Talentboard provides a “free subscription to CVs of the best specialists for remote work.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I am so 100% about the movement toward remote working. I think that offices — even “cool” startup offices — are soul sucking places where you have to spend all day pretending to give a shit about things that you couldn’t care less about. You spend hours sitting and dealing with ridiculous interpersonal conflicts and politics and… God, just thinking about it is making me tense.


But finding a job where you can work remotely – or even just work from home – is still really hard. Most companies want the control of having their workers in-house, where they can keep an eye on them. That’s why I’m happy about companies like Talentboard, which make it easier for companies who want to hire remote workers that have the skills they need – and make it easier for people who want to work remotely to find the companies that will hire them.


Companies looking to hire just need provide their email address and the type of worker they’re looking for. Talentboard handpicks the professionals that meet those requirements and then sends over their CVs. Founders and CEOs can rest assured that the applicants that cross their desks are high-quality workers who they’re truly going to want to take a look at.


On the worker side of things, you can submit your CV to Talentboard, and if they think you fit what they’re looking for, they’ll add you to their roster. Oh, and did I mention that it’s totally free, for everyone? Considering the fact that recruiters can cost thousands of dollars, you can’t really beat that.


If you think that offices should go the way of the Model T Ford and are ready to take your business remote — or you’ve already quit the soul suckers and just need some work — check out Talentboard.



Offices are so last century! Find #remotework and #remoteworkers at #Talentboard


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