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WhiteWilly.comBartering takes on a central role in people’s lives when times are tough, and that’s something this new site underlines like little else. White Willy allows people who have items they no longer need to have them swapped for the ones they could really use. The way the site works, they simply post them online for everybody else to see. Those who are interested in what’s being offered can get in touch, and offer their very own unwanted items in exchange for what has been posted.


The site can be joined for free, and items are posted using a credit system. 1 credit costs less than $1, and you get a couple of them when signing up for the site anyway, so that you’ll be able to conduct a representative-enough number of transactions without having to pay a thing. And as far as S&H is concerned, you pay to ship the item you have listed, and the other person pays to ship the item that he is sending you in.

WhiteWilly faces competition from longer-running sites such as Trashbank, or Give’n’take. In Their Own Words

You list an item, something of value, but something you don’t need or use anymore. You then use that item to “Make Offers” on other peoples items. If you would like to trade for their item make an offer. Making lots of offers is the key to building connections on the site. You can offer your one item to thousands of different people for their items. Just offer it for anything you would consider in trade.

Some Questions About

Can you trade just anything like this? Or does the kind of restrictions that sites such as eBay always impose on traders apply here as well?

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