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WhitePages.comHave you ever wondered if your old high school crush still lives in the neighbourhood? Are you looking to contact an old friend to invite him to a get-together of college classmates? Whether they live in your state or in Alaska, you will be able to find them thanks to


This website is the online version of the paper white pages. It provides you with the necessary tools to help you find people all over the country. Basically, it is, not the local, but the national white pages. Whether you are looking for a person or a business, all you have to do is fill in the search bar with the names, possible location (state, city) and the site will give you a listing of results that match your search criteria or match in some way. You will also be able to perform searches on emails, phones, addresses, ZIP codes and local areas for free. Once you have found the person you will be provided with their phone number, but you will also be able to pay some sites advertised there and get background checks.

Author : Irene Davids

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