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Sleep Through The Night With This White Noise App

Today’s Killer Startup: White Noise



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Elevator Pitch:

White Noise is an app that has more than 40 “white noise” sounds available.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I grew up in a house with lots of kids and lots of noise. To get through a full night’s sleep (And let’s be real: most of the morning as well. I was a teenager, after all.) I had to work out ways to drown out the noise of my brothers flowing directly up from the kitchen and into my room. Add on the fact that my windows faced a very busy street, and you can bet that there was no such thing as a silent night in my childhood.


My solution back then was to put a massive, old box fan in my room and turn it on to full speed, even in the dead of the winter. The noise of the motor drowned out whatever stupidity my brothers were getting into downstairs, and I was able to sleep through the night.


These days I’ve traded brother sounds for jungle sounds and roosters, as my house here in Bali is more or less open to the rice paddies and jungle all around us. My earplugs plus fan combo do a decent job blocking out the noise, but I’m still awakened often by roosters that don’t seem to understand that the sun isn’t yet up at 3 AM.


That’s why I’m downloading White Noise as we speak.


Even if you don’t have to deal with boisterous brothers or confused roosters, white noise can help you get through the night without waking up. The app includes 40 sounds for free, which don’t need to be streamed (though you also have access to streaming hundreds of sounds). Whatever sound you choose will also loop seamlessly, meaning there are no interruptions to the flow while you’re getting your Zs. It even comes with a gentle alarm clock so that you can wake up to soothing sounds instead of those heart stopping BEEP BEEP BEEPS you’ve been jolting yourself awake with every morning.


It’s also great for trying to sleep on trains, planes, and buses – when there’s so much activity around and you just need to zone and get a snooze.



Loud noises keeping you up all night? Get #WhiteNoise by @tmsoft STAT.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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