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Whispurr.comOut of all the things that we want to express on a daily basis, it is obvious that not every single one should be published on Facebook, Twitter et al. Of course, there are people who post just anything, and that only makes it all too clear to sensitive souls why to refrain from doing so.


There must be a private line that should not be crossed. And if you are looking for a communication platform that does exactly that, it looks like your luck is in. Whispurr is a new service that has been launched very recently, and it lets you sort of microblog only with those that you want. We could effectively define Whispurr, then, as a platform that makes for targeted communication – you will not talk to all and sundry when using it, only to the close circle that you have specified beforehand. You can have as many interest groups as you wish, and each one is handled separately.

Multiple and independent conversations with each selected group of friends can be carried out, and the system also caters for professional uses. For example, you can employ it to separate different aspects of a process and avoid the overlapping of functions.

If we were to compare it to other services like Twitter, what Whispurr does is to offer a direct way to construct conversations among various interested parties and target the stream of communication to as many or as few individuals as the user wants. I don’t know if it could really rival the Silicon Valley behemoth, but it is always nice to have alternatives. In Their Own Words

“Internet is a fantastic place to share information but sometimes it can be too crowded. The things we want to share with old friends are not the same we want to tell our workmates. We want to tell things only to them, but they are not the same crowd. So we came up with Whispurr, a tool that allows us to target our thoughts only to those people whom they are meant for. A tool with which one can Whispurr their comments rather than shout them to anybody who cares to listen, unless you really want to.

Whispurr is a free micro-blogging service with a difference: It will handle groups of friends, as many as you like. If you are as eclectic and socially connected as we are you will want to stay in touch with a lot of different people in very different crowds who share with you some of your interests. This is what Whispurr does, targets communications only to the relevant people, and allows you to have multiple and independent conversations at the same time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives micro-blogging a nice twist by letting you create groups of interest and hold forth only with those who are part of each one.

Some Questions About

What space can it eventually occupy? How far can it go?

Author : Roger Hollings

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