Whisher.com – The Free WiFi Community

Whisher.comAs WiFi locations continue to sprout up, people become more and more mobile with their computers with the added internet connection availability. Whisher makes WiFi even more available and adds a community feel to it.

Once you have downloaded Whisher, you are able to share your WiFi with others in your area, or use the WiFi of a fellow Whisher for free. You can easily see the available WiFi connections on the Whisher module and see some information about the person sharing that spot. Now you can actually communicate with the people in your WiFi area. Those Whishers appear in your list of contacts that you can chat with, as well as the usernames of your friends from AIM, MSN, GTalk, Twitter, Yahoo, ICQ, and Jabber. You can also share files with anyone on your list and do group chats, no matter which network your contacts are a part of.

Another cool feature is the availability of information based on your location. You can find out about restaurants, events, shops, and people that are around where you are hooking into the internet. You can also check out where your friends are to see if they’re close by to go enjoy one of those spots you’ve just learned about from your location information. This is making WiFi more social, global, and free than ever before.

Whisher.com In Their Own Words

“Since the early days of WiFi we have been exploring, learning and playing around with all kinds of gadgets. Nowadays WiFi is almost everywhere. Therefore we thought it would be nice to create an application that gave people the necessary tools lo leverage this ubiquitous access, promoting its use and having fun at the same time.”

Why Whisher.com It Might Be A Killer

This combines all of the messaging clients into one space, but goes beyond the ones available now by adding in free WiFi and contact with the people in your area. All of the features are unique to this software, which will make it popular once a lot of people start using it. This makes WiFi hot spots a place where you can actually interact and meet people, instead of just being glued to the computer screen, unaware of what is going on around you.

Some Questions About Whisher.com

Will they add more of the basic features that make each messaging client unique, such as skins, different colored smilies, and other features that could use a bit of development right now? How are they planning on spreading the popularity of their software so that there will actually be other WiFi Whishers around to be in contact with, making it worthwhile to use the program? Could maybe a Facebook app help spread the word? Whisher.com