WhichWeekend.com – Find Out When Everyone’s Free

WhichWeekend.comPlanning a trip can be a nightmare especially if it involves multiple people. You’ve got to plan where, first of all, then when, and then you’ve got to figure out budgets, motels, transportation, food, activities, plan B’s, throw in the kitchen sink, and you’re set.

With WhichWeekend, you can at least get one of those things accomplished. WhichWeekend is a simple service that does one thing and one thing only: it helps you find out when everybody is free so that you can make that trip to Vanuatu or Nantucket. There’s no need to sign in or create a profile. Only one person needs to submit an email and from then on, that person will be the admin. You pick the weekend you’re free, add people, and then send reminders to those who haven’t responded. Even the most technologically un-savvy can use it.

WhichWeekend.com In Their Own Words

“The easy way to find out when everyone is free. See the example page.

Simply: name your weekend, add people, they get an email, they set when they’re free. That’s it.

No need for complex calendars. No need for passwords. Even my mum uses it.”

Why WhichWeekend.com It Might Be A Killer

WhichWeekend is a great way for the not-so-tech inclined to plan trips or at least figure out when they can go and coordinate with a bunch of people. It’s great for family trips or reunions.

Some Questions About WhichWeekend.com

Will users like the no frills approach to WhichWeekend? Will they want more? How will WhichWeekend gain an audience? WhichWeekend.com