Whichbook.net – Choosing Books Based On Your Mood

Whichbook.netWhichbook is a new service that aims to let its users choose what to read by doing a little browsing and seeing what comes up. The system attempts to overcome some shortcomings that were perceived by the programmers as regards the way people often approach new books.

That is, when one goes to the library it is easy to pick up any title as long as one knows the genre. However, there are aspects which are not accounted for, such as the type of main character and the country that the action takes place in. This new recommendation system takes all that into account, and by enabling the user to carry out different permutations it aims to produce an experience as personalized as possible.

The site itself has both a text-only version and a large-text version to accommodate the visualization needs of different users, and in both cases it is possible to access the very same information. That is, you are presented with two different selectors: one that gauges “Mood & Style”, and other measuring “Plot, Character & Setting”.

At the end of the day, this new service stands as a true window of discovery for book lovers that want to broaden their scope in a dynamic fashion. Drop by the site if that applies to you.

Whichbook.net In Their Own Words

“Welcome to whichbook.net – a completely new way of choosing what to read.”

Why Whichbook.net It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible way of coming across interesting books on the WWW.

Some Questions About Whichbook.net

Does the site include social elements? Are these going to be included in the future? Whichbook.net