Whfoods.org – World’s healthiest foods

Whfoods.orgWhfoods.org is a real-life database of healthy ingredients with nutritional information, cooking articles, recipes, and cooking methods, that is, that the ingredients are retrievable in your local average delicacy or ethnic food store, plus it includes real food that’s actually good to eat.

There is a large list of recipes sorted into meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, etc.) and type of food (meat, side vegetables, salads & entrees, desserts). The site also includes a glossary of cooking terms, ingredients background and what to do with them plus a recipe assistant that will find the right recipe for you or even your child’s nutritional needs. One of the great pluses of this site is that it helps you rethink how you eat, that is, combine the things you normally eat into slightly different and new combinations: take a look at Braised Kidney Beans & Sweet Potato, a recipe for a vegetarian stew made out of sweet potato, mushrooms and carrots. Whfoods.org