WheresBlaine.com – Where Is Blaine?

WheresBlaine.comBlaine can be described as an internet’s celebrity. He is very well known for being the lead developer at Twitter.

However he has also participated in many other projects like Osmosoft, an open-source hacker at BT, Starling, an open-source messaging system, as well as Jabber, an extraction from Twitter. There are many other products that have been developed by Blaine, but that is not the most important thing about this site.

One of the most interesting things about Blaine is the fact that he has become something similar to a ghost. People say he was seen at one place or another, but the real truth is that nobody really knows where he is.

wheresblaine.com seems to be created with the intention to get information about Blaine, in order to find out what did happen to him. There are many hypotheses about where Blaine is, but one thing is sure, there are very imaginative people out there.

The site has some commentaries that one cannot really differentiate if they are true or just a joke. These are some examples: “I saw Blaine writing secret code, lurking in some shadows” or “I just saw @blaine at the Apple store, behind the Genius Bar. Tough times for developers, I guess” and “I am almost sure I just saw Blaine piloting the blimp by the beach. It was far up but I am pretty sure it was him”.

This online resource is very simple and makes it easy for users to post their comments. Although it totally lacks any feature, its design transmits the real spirit of the site: A whole lot of spare time.

If you have your own thoughts about Blaine’s current location and occupation, you can use this website in order to share them with the rest.

WheresBlaine.com In Their Own Words

‘Where’s Blaine?’

Why WheresBlaine.com It Might Be A Killer

Is it interesting to read all these comments. People like to read new things and this site could be successful as a new source for reading comments. The fact that you really do not know if this is a joke or not is very catchy.

Some Questions About WheresBlaine.com

What happens if Blaine appears on TV? What happens if Blaine says where he is? WheresBlaine.com