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WhereIsTheCool.comNobody really expected Pinterest to become the success it has become. The site has begun changing the way in which people look for content online, and it’s shifted the emphasis from “search” to “discovery”. Yet, Pinterest is a site that’s mainly used by women. Men seldom find the kind of content that’s shared there interesting. And it only makes perfect sense, then, that a site like Pinterest but for men should be released. Where Is The Cool is that site.

Where Is The Cool features nothing but these items that successful males should aspire to. Sports cars, speed boats, surfboards, penthouses, limos… these are displayed on the site, over a black and red layout that also contrasts heavily with Pinterest’s gentler design. And the site has also got pictures of the wives and girlfriends of actors and sports stars. It’s a man’s magazine in every sense.

All of the content you can find on Where’s The Cool can be shared with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And although it’s not as open-ended as Pinterest (where everybody can “pin” his favorite content for all to see), Where’s The Cool accepts submissions from users. These have to be approved before they go live. The submission form is here.

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Where is the cool?

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Can it become as successful and popular as Pinterest has become? What would take for that to happen? WhereIsTheCool.com