WhereBerry.com – Make Plans With Your Friends

WhereBerry.comWhereberry stands as social way to make plans with your friends. In general, users of this application can post events that they intend to attend in the near future, or activities that they are interested in doing (like watching this or that movie, or visiting a Circus which is in town). All of their follower will get to know about such plans, and they can get in touch if they are also up for them. Planning things out together is as easy as planning something in a social site such as Facebook.

Speaking of which, Whereberry comes with full Facebook integration. Whatever you publish on your Whereberry feed can also be published on your Facebook wall. In the end, this means that even more people will get to learn about these things you are meant to do (and these events you intend to attend), and even if they have no wish to take part of it all they will at least get to know that on a certain day you are going to be busy. That is certainly helpful, and the fact it can be done with no input on your part turns it into an even more convenient feature.

WhereBerry.com In Their Own Words

Discover fun things to do with your friends.

Why WhereBerry.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast and practical way to make plans with all your friends on the Social Web at once if that is what you want.

Some Questions About WhereBerry.com

What about supporting other social sites? WhereBerry.com