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WhatZapping.comI never got around the purpose of zapping. I obviously understand the basic motivations behind it, but the whole thing gets in my nerves, and I am very well aware that I am not the only one.


To aggravate things, now zapping has reached the World Wide Web. But the fact that I actively dislike such a practice will not get in the way of the review, as I can see that the site is very well constructed and those who do like the concept are certain to appreciate it.

In the most general terms available, the site empowers you to post updates telling the world at large what it is that you are watching, and in which channel. That is, a Twitterfied approach to zapping. Whether you like it or not, you have to give the people behind it credit for coming up with something different.

Although I don’t envision myself using a service like this, I have no doubt that a fair share of people will find it quite compelling, and they will put it to very good use indeed. If you deem yourself as one of those, or in case you wish to see WhatZapping in action for yourself, just pay the site visit. In Their Own Words

“What are you watching on TV right now, and in which channel?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those keen on zapping can but find the site worthy of at least a visit.

Some Questions About

How can this project be further expanded?

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