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WhatWasThere.comWhat Was There is based on an interesting premise: letting people upload old photographs and tag them, in a bid to reconstruct the world that our fathers and grandfathers have known.


The idea here is that if enough people contribute their own photographs then it will be possible to build an accurate representation of the world as it was before, and let others (such as our own children) browse through it.

The site is in early beta, but photos can already be submitted and browsed. An iPhone app is under development right now, and it should be ready before too long.

Bear in mind that if you are thinking about uploading anything to this site you will need to know two things: where was the picture taken, and when. These are the two tags that are applied to photos on What Was There. If you have that information at hand, then you are ready to make a contribution to this project – a project that seems to hold a lot of promise to me. In Their Own Words

What was there ties historical photos to their modern physical context, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If the site does indeed take off, it will be a great way to teach children about their heritage.

Some Questions About

How worldwide is this meant to be?

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