WhatSpotNow.com – Live View Of Locations

WhatSpotNow.comWhat Spot Now is the kind of app that you should make a point of having if you want to ensure your nights out will be half as enjoyable as you intend them to be. Essentially, this app will let you have a live understanding of what things look like at any venue that you are thinking about hitting.

You will be able to see how crowded any restaurant, bar or coffee shop really is by using the cameras operated by the company. In this way, deciding which place to take your date to (or these foreign relatives that are on a visit) is made something entirely logical. No longer will you have to estimate that because it is this or that day and the day before yesterday that special date was celebrated will people be here or there.

Also, What Spot Now will let you get all the latest deals and discounts straight in your mobile. So, not only will you be able to know about the best places to head to – you will also be allowed to eat there at massively discounted prices.

WhatSpotNow.com In Their Own Words

Live location views.

Why WhatSpotNow.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes planning and arranging a memorable night out that much easier.

Some Questions About WhatSpotNow.com

Which mobiles are supported? Which will be supported next? WhatSpotNow.com