What’s Better in Coffee than Butter?

So-called “Bulletproof Coffee” is a western interpretation of traditional Tibetan “Yak Butter Tea.” It was first popularized in the west in 2004, by entrepreneur David Asprey, by replacing the tea with coffee and the yak butter with regular dairy butter.

This combination yields a drink that provides powerful wellness and satiety benefits, especially for people on low-carbohydrate or no-carbohydrate diets. However, it also introduces a number of drawbacks for western markets.

One of these is drawbacks is the fact that dairy butter can never be vegan, and so can’t be used to make a vegan version of bulletproof coffee. Vegans need complete proteins and whole oils like everybody else, so an innovative substitute for butter was required.

The entrepreneur who embodied that innovation is one Clinton Bondzuk, CEO of startup Avocajoe Brands, which was founded in 2019. Avocajoe products don’t simply replace the butter in bulletproof coffee with vegan alternatives; they make it qualitatively better, with an improved taste and mouth-feel, and a better macronutrient and micronutrient balance.

“Avocajoe Brands is a beverage and nutrition startup, focused on increasing consumption of heart and brain healthy monounsaturated fats to the masses through avocado based products, Bondzuk explains. “Our flagship product is a ready-to-drink ‘butter’ coffee made with avocado and avocado oil.”

Avocajoe currently plans to offer three different formulations as the basis of their product line. The original version is already available for sale, with dark roast and mocha versions slated for after open launch.

Another product further up the pipeline is a coffee-free children’s beverage designed to provide the natural oils needed to support brain development and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Avocajoe is currently running a kickstarter campaign which was, at the time of this writing, roughly half-way towards securing its $20,000 financing goal, with about a month of the campaign still remaining.