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WhatPercent.comHave you already gone to the pictures to see Watchmen? What about the many movies that were the recipients of Academy Award? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Slumdog Millionaire? Personally, I still have some catching up to do. However, if you did see any of the these movies and want to tell everybody how you felt about them, or about any other subject that interests you, then this site will let you do so in a very flexible way.

Basically, What Percent? enables anybody to post an opinion as regards any issue, item or product that matters to him, and have others give their opinion by clicking on the “Agree” and “Disagree” buttons. The results are there and then provided on the main page as a percentage (hence the name of the site), and the number of votes so far is likewise included.

Some of the opinions that have been posted so far include “Metallica has nothing more to offer to rock”, “David Beckham will have no effect on the popularity of soccer in the US” and “American Idol is the biggest joke the music industry has ever seen”. What do you think?

WhatPercent.com In Their Own Words

“Tell the world what you think!”

Why WhatPercent.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct and practical way of getting to know the way the world at large feels about any given issue.

Some Questions About WhatPercent.com

How many discussions are already posted? At which rate do new ones come along? WhatPercent.com