Whaddado.com – Events And Things To Do

Whaddado.comThink of Whaddado as a social bookmarking site in which only events and things to do are listed, and you will know what to expect from it already.

On Whaddado, any person who is organizing an event is given a great chance to make people aware of it. And if you have found an event that you feel is being worth a definitive look (either because it sounds like tons of fun, or because it has social significance), you can have it shared yourself.

Each item that is added to the site is named a whaddado, and these whaddados can be grouped into lists for easier reference. The most popular lists are all accessed on the site. For example, lists of activities for children are readily accessible along with lists detailing the best clubs and the most magical places in town. There is even a list detailing things to do on a rainy day, so that finding something to do even in the dullest of contexts is possible through this website.

Whaddado.com In Their Own Words

Know more, do more.

Why Whaddado.com It Might Be A Killer

This site gives everybody a great chance to find something to do, even when the day is utterly cold and uninviting.

Some Questions About Whaddado.com

What else is this site good for? Which other uses have been envisioned by its creators? Whaddado.com