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WetPaintPleaseTouch.comThe downside about going out to graffiti your neighborhood is the highly possible chance that you’ll get caught. If you like the concept of painting walls, but don’t want to have your record smeared by a felony, then you should think about taking advantage of Wetpaintpleasetouch.

com. Through the site, you’ll be able to create true graffiti masterpieces, which you will then be able to share with your friends. If you like having people complete your masterpieces, you can start painting a wall and then pass it on to your friends. This will allow you to communally create graffiti to display on the site’s gallery. I really don’t think graffiti is my future, but on the site there are many breathtaking pieces done by other users. The site has all the tools you’ll need to make creative graffiti creations. These include: brushes, stencils, and spray cans, among many others. To get your graffiti experience going without having to paint other peoples’ property, check out In Their Own Words

“Grab some tools from the curb and pick some colors to begin your masterpiece. When you run out of paint, pass it on or declare it finished and ready to be hung in the public online gallery.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is really easy to use and have fun with. The ability to have your friends collaborate with you on drawing makes this for an interesting social experience.

Some Questions About

Will more drawing tools be added in the future? Why can’t I download my art?

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